Our Guarantee

Our 100% Royal Treatment Satisfaction Guarantee is proof that Noble Carpet Cleaners is committed to providing the very best service & experience that you have ever received from any carpet cleaning company.

Our goal is to earn our client’s business for life. We achieve this by providing you with an amazing service so that you are excited to tell your friends & family members about Noble Carpet Cleaners.

Upon arrival, our technicians will always complete a thorough walk through of your home. During this time, they will answer any questions you may have about our cleaning process & discuss the results that you should expect from the cleaning including any spots, spills or stains.

If for any reason, Noble Carpet Cleaners does not live up to the expectations discussed during the walk through:

1.We will come back and re-clean the area.
2.If you are still not satisfied will the results we will refund your money paid for the service.

Yes, it’s that simple. We continue to build our outstanding reputation here in Las Vegas by doing exactly what we say and following through on all of our commitments.

If you have any questions about our 100% Royal Treatment Satisfaction Guarantee
Please Call Us at 702-675-4348.